The Original Juicebox - 6 Wines

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The Original Juicebox - 6 Wines


Six bottles of unprecedented deliciousness for under three pineapples! 

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NV Puncheon Darts Prosecco

Drink this King Valley number by itself or use it as the base of your favourite Spritz. Featuring great acidity with a burst of lemon and lime sherbet, this is a light and bright Prosecco with more interest and depth than many others with the same price tag.

2018 KonPira Maru ‘Admiral Akbar’ Semillon

It’s not a trap! Just a delicious, savoury, skin-kissed white wine from Kilmore in Victoria. Light straw with a bronze tinge, and a nose of musk stick, lemongrass and pawpaw. An oily but textural front palate finishes with coriander seed and fennel. Perfect for those picnic basket snacks!

2016 ‘Purp’ Carignan

We love the Purple fruited aromas that Carignan can bring, and this little example of purple drank is no exception. Medium bodied in nature, this crowd-pleasing rouge was made for us by Matt Harrop when he was still at Shadowfax Wines.  

2018 Unico Zelo ‘Jade and Jasper’ Fiano

Waxy, fresh and textural - this wine is bursting with varietal character. As always this is insane value for money by team Carter from the Riverland in SA. Find some sardines, put them on the BBQ, and get this wine opened quick sticks!

2018 Sac a Main Balinais

Armand Rousseau Clos de la Roche or Yarra Valley Pinot Noir? Looks great either way. Savoury, earthy Pinot Noir with body. ‘The Balinese Handbag’. The warranty’s in the mail… 😊

2018 Blind Corner Pinot Gris

After falling in love with the Ramato style Pinot Grigio while in Northern Italy, Ben Gould has made this Quindalup Pinot Grigio out of Margaret River in WA. A bit of fermentation on skins gives the wine Chinotto-like orange rind notes, as well as hints of pomegranate and a smoky finish. Would make a stunning Christmas afternoon Aperitivo.